Bath & Bristol Hypnotherapy Hypnobirthing Courses

The Hypnotherapy Courses are amazing, great fun and great value too! They can be tailored to you and your particular needs so you can remain calm and relaxed wherever your birth journey takes you.  What I love about Birth Hypnotherapy is that we encourage you to work alongside your midwives throughout the whole birth process.  The Royal College of Midwives have recognised the benefits of Natal Hypnotherapy and endorsed our highly professional training with the founder Maggie Howell.  Several hospitals are now running Natal Hypnotherapy workshops run by our practitioners as the word of how helpful this preparation is spreads.  You both learn skills for life and prepare together in learning about the verbal and non-verbal tools to help you both stay relaxed and calm. Whether you are planning a hospital birth, a home birth or a caesarean birth, hypnosis will help you prepare to be calm and confident.

I run Birth Hypnosis One Day Courses in and around the Bath and Bristol area.  For many years I ran group sessions for up to 5 couples.  However,  after facilitating several one to one sessions, I found that the benefits of being in your own home and the session being specific to you, gained much greater benefits for the couple.  After all, many women will experience early labour in their own home so it makes more sense to prepare your birth hypnosis in the place where you are going to be most relaxed.

All one to one sessions cost  £180.00 and run from approximately 10 till 4.30 in your own home.



One to one courses are very popular, particularly if you are thinking of a home birth as  you then able to learn and experience the wonderful relaxation techniques in the comfort of your own home.  If you are having your baby in hospital or a Birth Centre, couples are also saying that having the session in their own home has enabled them to relax more easily at home in early labour.

The cost of the session includes a copy of Maggie Howell’s Award Winning Effective Birth Preparation Book, a CD to listen to,  handouts to support the techniques you learn on the day as well as ongoing support and contact with me until your baby arrives.