“I tried hypnotherapy a couple of years ago, as I had been suffering with migraines. Initially, I was sceptical, but was also willing to give it a go as I was really fed up of taking prescribed medication. It was more than I could have hoped for and helped me in other ways too. I felt more relaxed, confident and happy and my migraines disappeared.  So, when I heard about the natal hypnotherapy day with Noreen, I jumped at the chance to attend. Another couple from our NCT group had already experienced it and were raving about how good it was. By the time the hypnotherapy day my partner and I had signed up for arrived, I was two weeks away from my due date.
The day was filled with relaxation techniques we could use and we were able to talk through our fears, which was exactly what I needed as I had become quite nervous about the impending birth. My partner would never have considered doing anything like this before, but by the end of the day he came away having really enjoyed it and could see the benefit of it, especially for me.During the 13 days I had left before going into labour, I listened to the CD several times and found it helped me to sleep, which was something I had been struggling with for a couple of months. I had experienced a lot of aches and pains throughout my final three weeks of pregnancy, so by the time I actually went into labour, I still didn’t believe it was the real deal. Interestingly, three weeks before when I thought it was the beginning of labour, I did panic and didn’t cope very well. This happened before we did the hypnotherapy day.My contractions began about 4am and by 6.30am they had become intense enough for me to want a bath where my waters broke about 15 minutes later. My contractions were by now about 3 – 4 minutes apart and I was able to breathe through each one calmly. I didn’t panic at all and just remained focused on getting organised to go to the hospital.

We arrived at hospital about 9am and when I was examined, I was 4cm dialated. Luckily, the pool was available, so about an hour later I got in, still breathing through contractions, all the while maintaining my sense of humour and I do remember laughing quite a bit! I even managed to text everyone to let them know it had begun!

I was in the pool for maybe 30 minutes before asking for gas and air as the contractions grew stronger. My partner used the methods we had practiced on the hypnotherapy day and I found him calmly repeating “3, 2, 1 breathe through it, it won’t last” for every contraction and this really did help me. We opted for music that made me feel happy, some of which was calming, but mostly songs that reminded me of good times.

After roughly two hours I had to get out to be examined again and this time I was 7-8 cm dialated. When I got back into the pool, I even managed to eat a Snickers bar in between contractions! I continued to use the gas and air until it was time to start pushing. After pushing for approximately 30 mins, my gorgeous little girl arrived to ‘Over the rainbow’ by Eva Cassidy! We did consider calling her Eva!

The midwife said I had been so calm throughout and that it had been a text book labour and delivery. I was amazed by how calm I had remained throughout and firmly believe that doing hypnotherapy enabled me to have such a beautiful experience. I enjoyed every moment of it and would have gone through it all again the next day!
It all went so smoothly and we were all home by 6pm that evening.

If I have another baby, I will absolutely use the hypnotherapy CD from 32 weeks and try and get another session in with Noreen. I have since recommended it to others and only a few weeks ago, my cousin had a good experience with her labour and delivery of her son. She’d listened to the CD and had managed to get on a three hour hypnotherapy course days before she gave birth!

If anyone is considering doing it, it is absolutely worth every penny and Noreen is fantastic!”  Claire and Tom 2013 (Bath)


“Lovely story of how natal hypnotherapy can help in labour. 
We also did the natural pain relief workshop with Noreen and i cannot recommend it highly enough… I found the hypnosis and relaxation to be invaluable antenatally and in labour, but am also using it loads in the early days with my little one….
We also found the day a lovely chance to reconnect with each other and focus on preparing positively for the birth and arrival of our baby- a really valuable moment, particularly in a second pregnancy. Check out noreen’s website and Facebook page. She’s amazing! ” X Harriet and Jimmy –  Bath 2014


Thank you Noreen, I really loved the day we spent together and feel so much calmer about my birth now.  In fact I am actually looking forward to it!” T – Bristol Mother expecting her second baby 2013


“Very very useful day Noreen and lovely to have the workshop in our own home.  It was great for breathing, getting into the zone and relaxing to great music, a really great experience.  Our baby daughter was born gently and calmly into water with my amazing wife completely in the zone” Bath Dad attendee November 2012


“Thank you so much Noreen for a really fantastic one to one workshop with you – it was just brilliant and since then John ad I have been super relaxed but also sleeping like tops!   We are both feeling really excited about welcoming our daughter into the world!” I and J – Bath Couple June 2013  (after the workshop)


All went well with the labour and I seem to have been very lucky. John was a fabulous birthing partner and followed the cues from the hypnotherapy training we’d had and we listened to the cd a few times too during labour too. I used the positions you advised (didn’t lye flat once) and all the natal hypnotherapy techniques, which gave me a lot more confidence. The midwives have been really impressed by my natural, quick birth and recovery, so thank you so much. I do really think the natal hypnotherapy helped me lots. Also Rose was born calm and relaxed with good scores and immediately fed for 1 hour!!  Sending much love and thanks.  I and J – Bath couple June 2013 (after the birth)