Birth Support Testimonials

Marteen and Nigel’s Story

“During my pregnancy I had the usual anxieties about labour and breastfeeding, among others, that most mums to be experience.  Noreen, as our antenatal teacher, was always a calming, loving support to turn to with lots of patience and experience to share.

It was not a difficult decision to ask Noreen to be our doula, it seemed totally right and the most natural thing for me to have Noreen by my side along with my partner.  Her support and calmness during my natural birth were paramount in keeping me strong during labour and to give birth to my healthy smiley baby!  She was also a great support to my partner who was at times unsure of the process.  I my maternity notes it is noted how supportive Noreen was with me, offering me encouragement throughout my labour and keeping me going mentally and physically to the very end when, at times, I was close to giving up!

I honestly believe that without Noreen present at our daughter’s birth, the experience would have been quite different as the hospital was very busy and midwives were thin on the ground that day.  Having Noreen there gave us the support we needed to ensure my birth preferences were known and carried out to the best of their ability.   This ultimately facilitated the natural safe and loving birth of Mila Rose.  I would absolutely enlist again!”  Marteen Witts – July 2012



Lisa and Jamie’s Story

“Dear Noreen, well where to start – thank you so very much for looking after our family – you were such a wonderful support and to have you with us just felt so very right. Our baby girl is such a beautiful miracle and she will always thank her Aunty Noreen for looking after her Mummy and Daddy.  Thank you and if we are blessed with a second baby, we will call you at the first twinge!”
Lisa – 2012


Rachel and Mike’s Story

“After a difficult ad traumatic first labour and birth experience I approached my second labour and birth with, it is fair to say, quite a lot of fear and trepidation.  Things had very much not gone to plan the first time – a back to back babe resulted in a long and painful labour, followed by necessary but obtrusive interventions ad a special care stay for our babe.  I was left feeling pretty traumatised.

We decided to try for a very different labour and birth the second time.  I attended active birth yoga classes throughout my pregnancy, booked myself into our local midwifery led unit and we asked Noreen to be our birthing partner.

Noreen was so supportive during my pregnancy. She listened and understood what I had been through and what I hoped for from our second birth.  When I went into labour she spoke with Mike and we all agreed that we would meet at the unit when I felt it was time to go there.

We arrived at the unit on a warm summers evening and despite having a very different and much less scary labour, it was still long and painful, with another back-to-back babe.  Noreen kept Mike and I both calm and relaxed.  She rubbed my back and told me how amazing I looked labouring in water.  She reassured me when I was scared and tearful and she made me feel safe and cared for.  

With the help of a truly amazing midwife, with Noreen and Mike holding my hands, I delivered our second son without any medical intervention and with very little pain relief.  While Mike and I reeled at how amazing the experience had been and looked at our pink and happy boy, Noreen took precious photographs of the moment.

I loved having Noreen with me through my labour and birth – she shared one of the most cherished moments of my life and helped the trauma of my first birth ebb away” Rachel Ellis – June 2013